Today is National Margarita Day which, in our minds, gives us an excuse to whip up a delicious margarita recipe and binge watch Netflix. Or uh, have a big party. Yeah, that’s what we mean.

In addition to the 10 margarita recipes we featured last , here are 7 more lip-smacking tequila-based options to add to your cocktail repertoire for those with more sophisticated palates. In other words–nothing neon blue, and no glow-in-the-dark swizzle sticks.


I tend to be a classic On-the-Rocks-With-Salt girl, but when I’m feeling like something fruitier, I can never resist a Mango Margarita (at top).  This recipe by David Yan for Food & Wine calls for silver tequila–which a lot of bartenders swear to me is better in margs than gold–fresh mango and lime, plus the surprising tang of grapefruit soda. For a final kick, coat the rim with chili powder. Wow.


Cucumber Margarita Recipe at A Beautiful Mess | Cool Mom Picks

Last year our 10 margarita recipes for Cinco de Mayo (all just as perfect in Febrero) included  the tang of a Ginger-Lime Margarita, the unique sweetness of a Blackcurrant Margarita, and an exotic Guava-Orange Margarita; but one that has stayed with me is this simple, clean Cucumber Margarita recipe from A Beautiful Mess. I am so ready for spring, can you tell?


Lemongrass Margarita recipe | Cool Mom Picks

For another subtle flavor that will totally impress your guests, check out this Lemongrass Margarita recipe from Austin’s Saba Blue Water Cafe. Once you make some lemongrass syrup it’s super simple.  (Get it? Simple syrup?) It looks so refreshing–and a far cry from the chuggable stuff you might have had back in college.


Pomegranate Mint Margarita recipe | Cool Mom Picks

I’m already a fan of the tart-sweet combo of a good pomegranate margarita, but I really love the idea of this Pomegranate Mint Margarita devised by mixologist Guatam Shah of India’s Falaknuma Palace and spotted at Food Republic. It’s not complicated at all, especially with pomegranates in season right now.


Grapefruit Margarita Recipe from Foodie Bride | Cool Mom Picks

Sticking with the more tart variations, this Grapefruit Margarita from Foodie Bride gets lots of thumbs up and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients at all. She swears by  juicy Texas Rio Star grapefruits but whatever is best at your local grocer should do.


Best Margarita Recipe by Cookies + Kate | Cool Mom Picks

If you like the original flavor of classic margaritas, then Kate of Cookies and Kate calls this the best margarita you’ll ever have on her guest post at A Cup of Joe and readers seem to agree. Agave nectar and fresh orange juice are part of the secret. Fresh ingredients always are.


Lemon Lime Margarita Recipe at Food 52 | Cool Mom Picks

For just the basics ma’am, I’m licking my lips looking at this Lemon Lime Margarita recipe at Food 52 which gets rave reviews–and only requires three ingredients. As with all things, the better the ingredients, the better the final product. Plus I love even more evidence that you don’t have to go crazy in the kitchen to impress with your mixology skills.