Whether you had the Valentine’s Day you always dreamed of last week or ended the day looking forward to the annual February 15th Chocolate Sale, here’s one gift you can happily give yourself: pretty leather wrap bracelets.  I love that each one is made in a Brika collaboration between leather aficionado Mariah of Btwn Wind & Water, and metal expert T of Upper Metal Class.

The end result is striking, with a simple elegance that works just as well with jeans and a tee as it does with a little black dress. And at just $25 each, consider getting a few–the only thing cooler than a wrap bracelet this spring is a whole wristful of them.

Sign up at Brika (it’s free and worth it, promise) and you get 15% off your first purchase. Several colors of wrap bracelets are available from Btwn Wind & Water.

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