As many things as I miss about having little ones, I love that I can now leave the house with little more than my phone, wallet, keys, and maybe an emergency lollipop for the kids. This means I can also revert back to my smaller handbags more frequently than date nights. And the new bags from Brit-Stitch are a gorgeous new option for spring.

Taking a very strong cue from the original Cambridge Satchel, and the myriad traditional British satchel bags that are so popular now, Brit-Stitch adds something new to the purse party with a selection of make-your-own handbags.

Now of course you don’t have to make them–just design them. Which is totally fun.


Make your own Brit Stitch handbag | Cool Mom Picks

The results are pretty fantastic, as you can tell.

Brit-Stitch leather satchels in purple | Cool Mom Picks

Brit Stitch black and white handbag | Cool Mom Picks

Brit-Stitch pastel handbags | Cool Mom Picks

This was a service that used to be limited to companies that combined so-so fabrics with so-so handles, but now? Wow. Choose from the £80 Half-Pint (about 7″ across by  6.5″ tall) or the slightly larger Milkman and go to town with custom contrasting colors on the straps, buckles and body.

You can also opt for one of their beautiful ready-made handbags like the Mini-Milkman Clutch which is perfect for just the essentials (and a great tween or teen gift, by the way, along with the coin purse), and comes in a ton of wonderful colors.

Brit-Stitch Mini Satchels | Cool Mom Picks

As far as the construction, I love the stiff, structured leather–no hobo bags, these–and the sturdy clasps and buckles look incredibly premium. The straps are adjustable, and mercifully the buckle on the front is just for show, with a magnetic clasp underneath. Because while I don’t need easy access to a clean diaper anymore, I still need to get to that never-ending text alert on my phone.

You know what I’m talking about.

 Find a gorgeous array of leather satchels online at Brit-Stitch including the custom Make-Your-Own Handbag option. 


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