The Kiwi Crate monthly activity kit subscriptions and kids’ craft kits have been among my favorite go-to birthday gifts for kids for the past few years. So I’m thrilled to learn that Kiwi Crate is now as close as the shelves of my neighborhood Target.

Birthday party in three hours? I can swing by for four exclusive Kiwi Creativity Crates and be ready to go without spending thirty minutes aimlessly wandering the toy aisle with one of my kids.

Kiwi Crate modern art craft crate at Target | Cool Mom PIcks

Kiwi Crate kite making kit for kids at Target | Cool Mom Picks

I especially appreciate that Kiwi Crate’s only-at-Target offerings remain as appealing to boys and girls, and as fun as all of their other projects I’ve come to know and love. Themes for their new kids’ craft kits include Modern Art, Flying Kites, Pom Pom Pets, and Racing Wind Cars. And at only $14.99 a crate, they are affordable enough for all of those classroom birthday party invitations that roll in each week. And even for your own kids for rainy days or summer vacation houses. Even if you forget to pick up a Kiwi Crate before you hit the road, chances are there will be a neighborhood Target near your destination, too.

The one thing: These new kits are only available in stores, not through the Target website. If you want to shop from home, you can still order Kiwi Crate online through their website.

If  you’re looking for craft kits for kids, check out the four exclusive Creativity Crates by Kiwi Crate at Target for $14.99 each, in stores only.

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