It’s not easy to find stylish watches for kids, what with all the licensed cartoon characters out there. But kids have not been forgotten by designer Agni Tilla for her company May 28th which we discovered thanks to a Brika sale. We are smitten with these modern kids’ watches, with fun design details that call our favorite throwback Swatch watches to mind–at least if Swatches ever cost in the under $40 range. Did they?

Ten stylish watches for kids are now available in sizes perfect for small wrists. They’re lightweight and waterproof, so when your child forgets to take the watch off before a jump in the pool, you don’t have to stress out. And with colorful designs including giraffes, butterflies, cats, or more simple numbers-only options, telling time will be more fun for your beginner.

May 28th shark kids' watch at Brika | Cool Mom Picks

May 28th giraffe kids' watch at Brika | Cool Mom Picks


May 28th watches for kids at Brika | Cool Mom Picks


Just remember that as cute as those no-number watches look, they’re not so helpful for a beginner time-teller. Stick with the shark or the giraffe or other watches for kids that have real Arabic numerals in all 12 spots. Besides–how cute are they?

Shop the May 28th sale on watches for kids at Brika, and look for watches your own size at

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