It’s Friday again, and we’ve collected our favorite links from around the web for you to enjoy too!


Adorable pics of a rescue dog and her little boy at Zoey & Jasper, with a great story too. (And if you don’t already follow Theo and Beau on Instagram, this is a good time.)

Parents: You’re doing everything wrong. Words of wisdom from our editor Liz that’s struck a cord.

Kristen write about learning to stop judging other moms.

Frank Bruni’s column on the power of the family connection: Absolutely moving.

10 simple things to make you happier at home.

How Charlie Brown helped this writer set aside mom guilt.

Candy Milkshakes at A Beautiful Mess | Cool Mom Picks

What to do with leftover Easter candy. Yum.

Why forbidden foods could be the worst thing for kids. (Yes, Easter candy too.)

Is Sprint’s We Go cell phone for kids one to consider?

Clever trick for making awesome dinosaur cookies.

Game of Thrones spelling quiz. No fair cheating if you have the books at home.

Cool treehouse bunk beds at The Boo and the Boy | Cool Mom Picks

Our kids are swooning over these treehouse bunk beds. (Maybe don’t show them.)

On adventure playgrounds and overprotected kids. Would you let yours try this?

Llast chance to nominate an amazing woman in your life for Tea’s Inspiring Moms contest.

Pinterest board of the week: Rachel Matthews’ Food Styling and Photography Inspiration Board is perfection. 

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