When it comes to family portraits, everything is awesome when you don’t have to wear matching shirts and comb everyone’s hair. With Legos, this is possible, and everyone’s going to look fabulous. Plus, you won’t have that one photo where everyone is smiling and looks great–except for the kid who had to make a monster face.

These Lego Family Portrait prints from Peanutoak Print in Lisbon, Portugal are a great way to capture your family in a playful way that appeals to kids and doesn’t require them to say cheese. Just tell the artist what everyone looks like, and she’ll arrange up to two adults, two teens/kids, two babies, and three pets of your choice in a bright, cheerful portrait made of Legos. Extra Lego people or pets can be added for just $5 each. The artist is even happy to make a custom size for you if you need something bigger for Legofambragging purposes.

And if the Lego kids won’t hold still, just threaten them with THE KRAGLE.

Order your own custom Lego family portrait for $39 from PeanutoakPrint on Etsy.