I don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the same vim that I used to, but it remains one of my favorite holidays. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ll drink a margarita any day, any time, because it really is always 5 o’clock somewhere. I’ve even found a bunch of super fun, family-friendly, easy DIY Cinco de Mayo party ideas from crafts to decorations to very yummy recipes, all of which make me love it even more.

Check them out, so you can do the same. With a margarita on the side. Even a virgin one.



Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Fiesta Garland at PaperAltar | Cool Mom Picks

Set the mood by stringing colorful garland around the house. I love this colorful fiesta garland from the PaperAltar Etsy shop. They’re not cheap, but can easily be reused for a birthday party or any celebration.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: DIY garland at Lovely Indeed

If you’d rather save the money for extra guacamole (yum) you can make this DIY Cinco de Mayo party garland spied on Lovely Indeed. It looks super easy which means a lot, coming from this craft-impaired mama.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Lime place cards at Real Simple

Talk about easy: give your Cinco de Mayo table festive flair with a clever lime place card idea from Real Simple. This is so simple (real simple) that you can do it even if you’re just setting the table for your own family.




Cindo de Mayo party ideas: DIY mini pinatas at One Charming Party

A simple craft activity with the kids can turn any afternoon into a rockin’ party. And projects don’t get more doable than this colleciton of easy Cinco de Mayo crafts that we rounded up for you last year. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to make a DIY mini piñata?


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: DIY maracas at Dana Made It

If you have plastic Easter eggs still lying around, turn them into Cinco de Mayo maracas. Brilliant.



Cinco de Mayo party recipes: Homemade Guacamole at GoodLife Eats
The most important Cinco de Mayo food is, hands down, guacamole. And it is so incredibly easy to whip up yourself. Check out one of these 5 amazing homemade guacamole recipes and make sure the avocados are perfectly ripe by May 5.


Cinco de Mayo party recipes: How to make homemade tortillas at One Hungry Mama
Get in the kitchen with your kids to make homemade tortillas. This is one of the easiest kitchen projects ever, promise, and it’s especially great to do with kids. You’ll be amazed at what they’ll eat if it’s stuffed inside of tortillas that they made by hand. Kale tacos anyone?


Cinco de Mayo party recipes: Soft tacos at Foodie Bride

One cannot survive on guacamole alone. Okay, I can, but it doesn’t quite make a complete family dinner, so throw in these Black and White Tacos from Foodie Bride. It doesn’t get more simple or affordable, and they can be prepped ahead.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Taco Bites at One Hungry Mama

If you’re craving a different taco filling, go for it. Make your favorite and then, instead of filling taco shells or soft tortillas, pile the filling into bowl-shaped tortilla chips to make taco bites. I make Taco Bites, which you can find on my site One Hungry Mama, using a simple ground beef and black bean filling.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Paletas popsicle recipe at Girlichef

End your meal with a sweet paleta, a Latin American style popsicle. These creative and very pretty Cinco de Mayo Paletas from Girlichef stack strawberry, coconut and—of all things—avocado layers. Yum. You could also layer juices in a Zoku popsicle maker for a quick, easy cheat.




Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Classic Margarita recipe at White on Rice Couple
You know where this is going, right? Straight to Margaritaville. If you love margaritas as much as I do, trust me that you’ll have to look no further for margarita recipes. Ever. Visit our post on fabulous Cinco de Mayo margarita recipes for some of the best ideas I’ve seen, including the classic pictured here, made with a surprising secret ingredient.

Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Grapefruit Margaritas at Foodie Bride

I also like these 7 sophisticated margarita recipes that are more for sipping than however you might have imbibed in college. Think cucumber, grapefruit, and even lemongrass varieties of this classic cocktail.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Laughing Glass margaritas

If margaritas sounds delicious but like way too much work, you need to pick up a bottle (or two) of Laughing Glass Cocktails pre-made margaritas. They might sound sketchy, but allow me to reassure you that this stuff, made with super premium Blanco tequila and organic agave, is totally delicious. I know because I’ve been lucky enough to try it. Without any artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors, this award-winning drink is all natural goodness that’s totally worth the shortcut. And the 100 calories per 4-ounce serving is too.


Cinco de Mayo party ideas: Watermelon lime agua fresca mocktail recipe at The Kitchn

You didn’t think we’d keep you pregnant mamas and non-drinkers hanging, did you? (Oh, yeah, and the kids, too!) This Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca from our friends at the The Kitchn is the perfect mocktail for the non-alcoholic set. Delicious, refreshing and festive.