Here are our favorite links that we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too. 


The ultimate guide to 100 Mother’s Day gift ideas is here with our 2014 Mother’s Day guide! There’s still plenty of time to shop.

Must watch: lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. She’s our new hero.

The school Kindergarten show that was cancelled in favor of “college readiness.” Whoa.

The truth about whether Wi-Fi baby monitors can be hacked.

A poem from an 8 year old (okay, our editor Liz’s daughter) that’s making us all go, “wow.”

The hilarious Mother’s Day cards that have a few of us peeing. In a literal sense.

It’s unbelievable what what this 13-year old girl is doing.

A great design contest for your own kids. Imagination counts more than artistry.

Interesting TED Talk: Trying to raise happy kids is stressing us out.

Funny: 7 things your baby should give up if you want him to go to Harvard.

Speaking of which, in praise of average parenting.


Go Find Momo by Andrew Knapp | Cool Mom Picks
A real life Where’s Waldo: Find Momo the dog in these picture with the kids. [h/t Bored Panda]

One year later, this is still hilarious: the worst end-of-the-school-year mom ever.

Congrats to Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prizer  for The Goldfinch. Recommended reading.

donut shop with a sense of humor. (One more excuse to eat donuts.)


DIY Sumo Bowling by Handmade Charlotte | Cool Mom Picks
Hilarious craft from recycled little water bottles: DIY sumo bowling

5 short films from Sundance on different ways of life.

Pinterest board of the week: Exquisitely curated home decor boards like this Entertain/Party Styling board by Kevin O’Gara. The kicker: he’s only sixteen.


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