Family portraits have come a long way since mom was draped across the chaise lounge, dad stood stoically behind, and the kids and cat were perched stiffly around them. I’m not sure when this was ever a good idea, but I’m thrilled that artists these days are taking a fun, interpretive play on the traditional family portrait, from the personalized embroidery hoops in our Mother’s Day gift guide, to custom embroidered portraits on pendants to the awesome custom LEGO family portrait we just found.

One of my new favorites at the moment are the custom wooden Waldorf peg dolls by Bazar Rosa on Etsy. Together, they become a fresh modern family portrait with a whimsical sense to them. Not to mention, they’re affordable making them a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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Modern family portraits with custom peg dolls and heart by Bazar Rosa on Etsy

Custom wooden peg dolls as contemporary family portraits | Bazar Rosa on Etsy

These pieces are entirely customizable. You tell the artist hair color, eye color, how many people to include in the piece, any unique details—like freckles, glasses, or even a tattoo. You could make this for your family, but it would also be cute for a group of friends graduating, a wedding gift or baby shower gift to welcome the newest member of a family. The best part is, no one can say “that outfit made me look fat.” They’re peg dolls!

Bazar Rosa‘s art pieces made from custom wooden peg dolls start at $95, and if you order quickly you can get it in time for Mother’s Day! Use code 4MYMOM and get a 15% discount (for a limited time). It makes a cool Father’s Day gift too