Here are our favorite must-reads, must-sees, and must-clicks from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them too.


We are all on team Jill Abramson.

25 reasons to leave your kids alone with Dad. Our favorite: craft projects. (image: @TheDaddyComplex on Instagram)

Mothers who say they hate motherhood: Great conversation sparked by our editor Liz.

What parents need to know now about SnapChat’s new texting service.

The world’s best and worst countries for moms. Yikes, where’s USA?



Eyebrows on babies trend on Instagram. Hilarious.

Funniest baby trend ever? Eyebrows on babies. [h/t lifetime moms]

Must-watch:  The LIzzie Velasquez documentary trailer on Kickstarter.

No idea what the criteria were, but here’s Working Mother’s list of The world’s 20 most powerful moms. Go Christiane Amanpour!

A breastfeeding mom of four on why formula feeding isn’t the devil.


DIY bath remedy chart via Picklee on Cool Mom Picks

DIY bath recipes, should the end of the school year be kicking your butt too.

Lovely cross-cultural story about cooking in the kitchen with your mother-in-law.

Is the new parenting book All Joy and No Fun worth your time?


LEGO family portrait by Makezine | Cool Mom Picks

Everything about this LEGO family portrait is awesome.

Love this Turkish airlines commercial celebrating kids’ dreams.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Great use of color for the home on Helen Dardik’s Dream Nest Pinterest board.


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