Here’s what we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like it too.


With Father’s Day coming up, we have dads on the brain. This week, it’s Cardboard Dad. Awesome. [via Handmade Charlotte]

NPR features the best commencement speeches.

5 special needs friendly amusement parks near NYC. Thanks, Mommy Poppins.

9 cool Google Maps features you may not know about. Just in time to save you from Memorial Day weekend traffic.

We want this gorgeous scarf for summer so badly!


The SlideRider converts stairs...into a slide

Oh boy, our kids cannot wait until this awesome toy is available.

More on what it’s like to be a female editor, after last week’s Jill Abramson news.

Dyslexia may not be hard-wired in kids after all.

Is hurrying bad for us?.

Breastmilk: The Movie. Really.

Mayhem in recreated Alexander McQueen dress | Cool Mom Picks

Mayhem is back, now recreating the best Met Gala gowns over the years.

A 3D printer that can make you look prettier?

We’re so sad to see How About Orange shut down her blog. Thanks for the inspiration over the years.

Pinterest board of the week: Great taste on the relatively undiscovered Fashion board by Courtney Shelton of HIBRID.

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