Here’s what we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.


Fantastic (and free!) DIY DIY printable paper bags for Father’s Day picnics.

Impressive: The college graduate of the year.

A sweet moment from  the surprise Sandra Bullock commencement speech in NOLA.

Important male perspective on the #YesAllWomen hashtag trending this week.

Our small tribute to the passing of Maya Angelou.


Massimo Vignelli's NYC Subway Maps | Cool Mom Picks

Another goodbye to iconic designer Massimo Vignelli. [via LisaCongdon]

Reinvent your Friday nights with this date night in series on Bleubird.

Is the importance of children’s table manners becoming overstated?

Can you be honest about your parenting?

Bacon-wrapped balsamic dates and truffled mac n cheese now at…Starbucks?  And of course, perfect commentary about it in The New Yorker.


Do yourself a favor and watch OK Go’s colorful Skyscrapers video with the kids.

From the bizarre files: There’s now a spa just for babies. Surely to alleviate all that stress.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Loving the baby fashion board by Raquel Riera.

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