Here’s what we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.


Surprise dad with this free Father’s Day printable poster. Too cute.
(Updated with cached link since the site no longer exists; here is the direct link to the poster download)

The beauty of summer boredom. Love this.

Similarly, why we should just let the kids run wild.

10 TED talks every graduate should watch.

Nominate your favorite makers for Martha Stewart’s American Made awards.

We’re happy to support the #DadsRead initiative: Check out these infographics on dads and reading.

Mona Lisa made with Legos at Behance | Cool Mom Picks
Mona Lisa LEGOs. Awesome.

Speaking of which, LEGO introduces female scientist Minifigs, and we rejoice.

The best mom tips at Clementine Daily, one from our very own Kristen Chase.

Great review of the new book Do Fathers Matter? Hint: yes, they do.

Love this post on what one mom did when her toddler’s photo went viral.

On the guilt of missing end-of-school-year events.

Grab a tissue: These teddy bears are so special.

Lindsey Sterling’s Pokemon dubstep music video. Um, awesome.

If you’re in the Hamptons this summer (lucky you) visit our friends at Pink Chicken in Amagansett at RUBE boutique until August.

Pinterest boards of the week, all pinned by dads: Furniture by Kingsley Harris, Home Office by Don Faul, Message by Josh Draper, Big Boy Room by Mike Joyner


Pacchetti & Pacchettini’s I Love Gift Wrapping board—just in time for Father’s Day gifts.

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