Here’s our favorite links we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.


Make your kids’ day with these awesome Transformers bento box lunches.

Have you seen this dads’ funny Frozen parody video yet? If so, watch it again. Worth it.

Kittens vs Babies. (We can always count on How to Be a Dad to make us laugh.)

One kid’s hilarious memory of this past school year.

Must read: the comment apocalypse on this cake tutorial. Oh, Internets.  [h/t @schmutzie, @suebob]

Downton Abbey Floor Plan art from Brandi Roberts. Too awesome.

Don’t make the same kids’ summer camp mistake that our editor Kristen did!

Our own Christina shares some local gems to check out in the Boston suburbs.

Really important if difficult read at Rage Against the Minivan, especially if you have daughters.

Attention foodies: 15 chefs offer amazing kitchen and cooking tips from the French Laundry.

The scientific way to cut a cake. Who knew?

How to be less tired. Yes, even parents.

Pinterest board of the Week: Find fantastic inspiration at Kirsten Grove’s Organize Pinterest board

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