Okay, so maybe sloths are the new hedgehogs, which are the new foxes–but foxes are still the new owls and that counts for something. Also, we like foxes. So of course we’re totally smitten with these cute Say Fox Purses. It is such a ridiculously cute gift for your favorite tween or ironic tween, or just for the young at heart.


Cute fox purses at Give Simple | Cool Mom Picks

The leather purses are handmade in Minnesota and the price is just amazing. I also think it’s absolutely perfect how well the shape is suited to a fox. Although with the narwhal coming up fast and furiously as a contender just behind the sloth, I’d be fascinated to see how the artist might interpret those as next year’s on-trend animal accessory.

For a cute gift idea, check out the Say Fox Purses  online at Give Simple. 


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