Here’s what we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you enjoy it too.


Pantone skin colors. [via DesignMom]

Good news for pregnant women over 33.

Our editor Liz’s beautiful love letter to her daughter on her birthday. Get the tissues.

Oh Joy’s video series on how to dress your bump and still look great.

The perfect earrings for active summer days


One-ingredient ice cream by Food 52

The one-ingredient ice cream that’s taken the Internet by storm.

The exploding spices video: Show your kids, they’ll love it.

How NOT to prepare your kids for a big move.

Would you use this way to keep your valuables safe at the beach?

Kidchella Kids’ Music Festival: Worth checking out July 25.

Lemonade Stand printable from Caravan Shoppe

Awesome printable for the best lemonade stand on the block.

Worth your time: Malcolm Gladwell on criticism, tolerance, and changing your mind. [via Swiss-Miss]

Can’t remember what’s on your to-do list?  Maybe you should write it by hand.

Solidarity, moms. Because we need each other.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Merrilee Liddiard’s Little Play Things board is making us wish we were kids again.

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