Here are our favorite links that we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.


Words of wisdom to start any day.

10 of the very best apps for new parents – and some of us BTDT parents too.

Bumni Laditan on missing the village she never had.

Baby gift alert: Check out the new exclusives in the Cool Mom Picks indie shop.

6 tips for new dads. Must watch. And laugh.

Who really created Batman? Geek out on this article.

Washer necklace DIY at Small for Big

Old washers + nail polish = trendy DIY necklaces your kids will love making.

Thanks to the Guardian UK for including our Rainbow Loom post in their roundup of the best online loom band resources.

Great BBQ tip: Skip the marinade and grill with rosemary instead.

Check out these helpful tips before you pack your kids’ suitcases this summer.


Fruit-infused water at Momtastic

A yummy (and pretty) way to infuse your water with fruit.

Why readers are the best people to fall in love with. For real.

8 things entrepreneurial people do.

Five low-cost things to do with kids in NYC this summer.

Why one mom lets her daughter wear princess dresses.

Clever trick for calming down a kid with a temper.

A powerful video from the non-profit Impact Homelessness.

Pinterest board of the week: The craft ideas at Delphine & Max’s Toys, Dolls, and Activities board on Pinterest can last you through summer.

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