Here are our favorite links from around the web that we’ve enjoyed reading this week. Hope you like them too.


Well. This photo of Gwen Stefani breastfeeding sure got a lot of discussion going.

An outstanding (and hilarious) post on what it means to be a feminist. We’d expect no less from Jenny Lawson.

Our editor Liz has lots of thoughts about mothers being arrested for letting their children play or walk  alone.


Nate Silver on What Names Say About Age, via fivethirtyeight

Fascinating: Nate Silver and Allison McCann explain how you can tell someone’s age just from their name.

This app is changing the way we watch Netflix for the better. (Much better.)

Why you don’t have to break up every fight your kids have.

5 ways to raise nice kids.

Thanks to this mom for her honest perspective on being seen in our swimsuits.


Alexa Meade's photographs that look like paintings

Alexa Meade’s paintings
…are actually photographs and the people are painted. Whoa.

The new Wonder Woman is looking really familiar.

Similarly, Game of Thrones inspired fashions hit the designer runways. For real. (And no, we will not be dressing like  Daenerys any time soon.)

The one thing in our indie shop at that our kids keep begging for. (Go figure.)

Pinterest Board of the Week: Gail Kirwan has a well-curated Eat Drink and Be Merry board that’s filled with pretty much everything we’d like to eat and drink ourselves.

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