I’m pretty sure my closet looks like a FashionABLE storefront, so now that scarf weather is around the corner, you can bet I’ve got my eye on the new FashionABLE fall line, which just so happens to be exclusively at Great.ly for a limited time. Add in free shipping for the rest of the weekend, and there is just no reason to wait.

We’ve stocked the Cool Mom Picks indie shop at Great.ly with all of our favorites from the new FashionABLE fall line. And don’t forget about the not new, not fall items in there either. Seriously, those leather bracelets are killer in any season.

Fashionable Fall line: Niguse scarf | Cool Mom Picks

Fashionable Fall line: Selam Scarf | Cool Mom Picks

Fashionable Fall line: Feleku Scarf | Cool Mom Picks

While the FashionABLE items are stylish and beautiful, they also support an amazing cause which makes us love them even more. When you buy one of their items, you’re giving the women who made them the ability to support their children and families with wages from a fair, safe working environment.

But here’s the thing: these scarves sell out fast, based on past experience. So I strongly suggest stocking up now, whether it’s for yourself, someone else, or lots of someone elses. Because dare I say the holidays are coming? I think I just did.

You can purchase the new FashionABLE fall line exclusively at Great.ly for a limited time. And get free shipping on all orders in our indie shop through 8/17. Hurry! 

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