One of our back to school shopping traditions (besides the annual fight about how no, you don’t need a new _____  because last year’s is just fine thank you very much) is an affordable one: My girls each pick a cute new hair accessory. Of course this is as much for me as for them, because on days that my youngest daughter simply refuses to brush her hair, a ponytail saves the day.

In honor of my seven-year-old who is going through a total bird thing right now (well, that and tigers) here are a few bird themed hair accessories she likes that are different than, well, the results of a search for “bird clips” on Etsy in which  hundreds of crafters all rip off the same original felt design. Not that she doesn’t like those too.


Bird hair accessories: Kyototo bird hair tie for girls

Embroidered bird ponytail holders from Kyototo 

Bird hair accessories: Felt bluebird hair clip by Giddy Giddy

Felt bluebird hair clip from Giddy Giddy

Bird hair accessories: Bluebird bobby pins on Etsy

Blue bird bobby pins from LaneyLou123 on Etsy


Bird hair accessories: Rhinestone dove ponytail holder by Adelaide NYC

Rhinestone dove ponytail from Adelaide NYC


Bird hair accessories: Fabric bird on a wire headband on Etsy

Bird on a Wire headband  at Looking4Lilly on Etsy

Bird hair accessories: Pair of handmade bird ponytail holders on Etsy

Birdie Friend Ponytail holder set from CuckooBoo


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