Thumbprints, fingerprints, paw prints, nose prints, maybe even a butt print–not mine, of course. My curious kids tend to leave their unique mark on every bit of glass they come across, and no amount of Windex in the world can keep up. With these pretty pendants, however, you’ll have one perfect thumbprint that you’ll want to keep with you always, especially since those little thumbs will one day be big thumbs.

These elegant thumbprint necklaces are the perfect gift for moms, dads, and grands, no Windex required. Canadian artisans at will send you an impression kit to take a highly detailed print of the finger of your choice, although they do suggest thumbs for tiny people. Send your impression back in the postage-included envelope, and they’ll position the image just right on fine silver and mail the finished product to you in four to six weeks. You can also indicate up to six letters or numbers to go on the back as well as the sterling silver chain of your choice.

Thumbprint pendant from

We like the square and round nugget pendants, but there are so many to choose from.

Yes, they even do paw prints.

Not butt prints, though. I checked.


Find beautiful silver thumbprint necklaces at And find more custom jewelry in our archives.


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