We have known Pinhole Press for a while now as a great option for high-quality photo books and gifts with a modern design aesthetic, and now they’re branching out into the world of hip baby gifts with their Oh Baby! Personalized Baby Gift Boxes. I’m considering it my new go-to gift for friends who are expecting, it’s just that cool.

Even cooler, they’re great for new dads too. No pink diaper bags or breast pumps here. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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The presentation is incredibly impressive; just the box itself is nice enough that you can save it to stash baby cards, keepsakes, or art supplies. (One day. Before you know it.) Inside, you’ll find a hip black and white romper and beanie set made by Little Hip Squeaks, a super-stylish, CMP-recommended line of baby clothes made with love in Brooklyn, thus ensuring that the child I’m giving this to will dress cooler than I do.

Also, you get 12 ounces of Ink! coffee, hand-roasted and ground in Denver. Brilliant addition to the box considering we’ve been recommending coffee subscriptions as clever new mom gifts for a while now.  This one happens to be bold, full-bodied, and smoky with bittersweet dark chocolate undertones. Delicious.

Then last, but certainly not least, is a $25 gift certificate to Pinhole Press in a custom greeting card for the recipient. Because you know she’ll have a lot of baby photos to put to good use in no time at all.

Pinhole Press makes cool new baby gift boxes featuring...coffee!

Parents can use the gift card for baby announcements, a photo book, or anything else at the shop, from custom wine labels to calendars. Definitely one of those gifts that keeps on giving – especially since you’ll want to spend more than $25 there. Trust me on that one.

Order the Oh Baby! Personalized baby Gift Boxes from Pinhole Press today and get free economy shipping on your order.

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