Happy Friday everyone! Here are our favorite posts we’ve been reading around the web this week. Sense a theme? Hope you enjoy them too, and Happy Halloween!


Looking for last-minute Halloween ideas? Still? No prob, we’ve got you covered with hundreds. For real. Literally. As in, the literal literally.

Beautiful Halloween reflections from our friend, blogger Rebecca Wolf, plus 4 outrageous pumpkin recipes from her mom, should you need to dig into those pretty, uncarved pumpkins Saturday. (Isn’t her daughter, up top, so lovely?)


Free haunted house Halloween coloring pages from Mr Printables

There’s still time to decorate your door (or keep little ones busy) with this free printable haunted house coloring page or one of these other fantastic free Halloween printable coloring pages.

Why trying one of everything in your kid’s trick or treat bag can be worse than hoarding all the Almond Joys.

8 irresistible Halloween cocktails for after the kids are in bed.

Going for a dark nursery theme? (Ha.)  You have to see how this fun DIY for a Paper Bat Chandelier came out at Mom Spark

Free Halloween stations from Rdio from hipster hits to spooky sounds.

Also check out Zooglobble’s comprehensive list of cool Halloween music to download for kids.

And for easy streaming via Soundcloud, here’s a great 10-song Halloween Rocktober playlist featuring some of our favorite kindie artists including Justin Roberts, Lisa Loeb, and Lucky Diaz.


Original Captain Marvel: A woman

Got a female Captain Marvel trick-or-treating at your door this year? Let her know she wasn’t the first.

Perfect day-after-Halloween read from Laurie White on hating skinny jeans.

A new Harry Potter story from J.K. Rowling, out today!

Spectacular photos of a daughter by her mother, like nothing you’ve ever seen.

NYC parents: Put those post-sugar crazies to good use Saturday with a Dan Zanes show at Symphony Space.

“In 2014, having children is complicated and daunting and fraught — as much as it’s always been, but now we’re talking about it. And the more we talk about it, the more of us will realize that we’re not going through it alone.”
          -Must-read from 41, Single and Pregnant by Rachel Sklar on Medium.


Pinterest board of the week: Food 52’s Fall Recipes will get you amped to do wonderful things with all that butternut squash and pumpkin you have lying around.

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