Baby bums are cute, but cloth-diapered baby bums? Well, they’re really something else. So when I learned about the lovely new handmade-to-order cloth diaper covers by Carissa Halbmaier in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop, I got just a little bit excited thinking about all the babies I’ll be able to buy them for. (Update: They’re now available at the Barrel and a Heap Etsy shop.)

These bright, bold geometric prints are nothing like the plain primary-colored cloth diaper covers from my diapering days. And looks aside, these covers are also conveniently designed to grow with baby, plus lined with PUL fabric to make them water resistant. A series of snaps means they’re adjustable and will fit baby longer, so if your little one starts potty training before growing out of her cloth diaper covers, simply snap one on over her underpants and you’ll liberate yourself from a floor cleaning or two.

Carissa Halbmaier Cloth Diaper Cover at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

Carissa Halbmaier Southwest Cloth Diaper Cover at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

The diaper covers themselves are easy to care for, too. Just hand-wash and hang to dry for little messes, and machine wash and dry for bigger ones. And although cloth diapering may seem like more work, beautiful cloth diaper covers like these mean baby doesn’t even need to wear pants. See? Total time saver.

Buy these beautiful handmade cloth diapers at the Barrel and a Heap Etsy shop — and find other handmade coolness in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop.

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