Here are our favorite links we’ve found looking around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


The US Postal Service just announced their newest offering: Rudolph postage stamps! Keep your eyes out.

Did you see how cute our kids looked on Halloween? Sorry, had to brag a little.

Princess Bride fans, this one’s for you.

A first look at The Minions movie trailer. You’re welcome, kids.

How to make your own custom emoji. 

The documentary we’d love to see made.

Is being happy overrated? Really interesting take from Kristen.

Whoa: A school of doodle to unleash girls’ creative power.

Big congrats to a long-time blogger friend who’s stocking up on maternity wear again.


Hello Kitty food from a Hello Kitty only pop-up shop in Japan. Whoa

A pop-up restaurant that only serves food that looks like Hello Kitty. But not actual cats.

Our newest Pinterest board on Thanksgiving Dinner should be a huge help. Mmm…Butternut Goat Cheese Cranberry Crostini. (Sorry, no Hello Kitty Cranberry Sauce.)

One life skill everyone should have. Even if we still don’t.

The fashion trend you can totally wear no matter who you are.


Custom family portraits by Lilli di Prima on Etsy

We’re so glad you love this round-up of the coolest custom family portrait artists on Etsy. Order now though! That’s a strong hint.

You’re not defined by your gender but by your actions – beautiful words of wisdom from one expectant dad to any other.

Or, a more funny take with 5 ways to avoid sucking at fatherhood.

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