Here are the links we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Outrageous gingerbread houses way nicer than ours (This one: Kapowka on Instagram)

The best tech toys and gifts for kids of all ages.

Have you entered our holiday gift guide giveaway yet? You’ll want to.

A woman in STEM shirt presents an alternative to, uh, That Other Shirt

8 creative hot chocolate recipes for any taste. Can we call it comfort food?

More hot chocolate variations via SheKnows.

Hot chocolate variations via She Knows


Hanukkah is coming 12/16! Here are 8 fun Hanukkah gift ideas for kids, plus tons of amazing foodie Hanukkah gifts.

Tumblr’s top parenting posts of 2014, from smart to funny to sweet.

10 things I want my children to know. Not your ordinary list.

Why kids can’t sit still in school today. (Hint: Neither can adults.)

New blog read: Hungry Empress by Joan Chen

The holidays never meant so much to me until I had kids with which to spend them: Poignant thoughts from a divorced parent on Spending the holidays without your kids.

Pinterest board of the week: Inspiration by Community of Moms has a lot of good food for thought.


State of Affairs: Back and Blue by A'driane Nieves supports racial justice organizations

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that recent events, from Ferguson to Tamir Rice, to the Eric Garner decision have weighed heavily on our hearts and minds this week. Here is an abridged list of just some of the voices we’ve been turning to, and the thoughts in our heads as we talk to our own children about it. Maybe they’ll help you too.

This was a good week? By Karen Walrond

On Wrestling by our own Associate Editor, Nicole Blades

Discussing Race with School Staff by Kelly Wickham

How parents can talk to their white kids about race on Slate

A list of Twitter feeds worth following on Cool Mom Tech

State of Affairs, Black and Blue, above, is an amazing piece of artwork from A’Driane Nieves on Etsy with 100% of the profits through 12/31 supporting Black Youth Project 100 and and Race Forward which help promote racial justice in America.

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