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With less than 2 weeks to Christmas and only a few days to Hanukkah (eek!), check out more than 200 gift ideas on our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Plus there’s still time to enter that awesome giveaway filled with luxury goodies for you and the kids.

Emoji gifts. Love it.

Great ideas for kids who don’t need more toys. (Even if they think they do.)

Helpful source for free toy, craft, and stocking stuffer ideas.

What happens when boys want princess toys?

Must-read post for Etsy sellers and Etsy buyers by Danielle Spurge of one of our fave shops, Merriweather Council about tough changes to Etsy. Another huge reason to seek out small businesses and independent artists to support this holiday.

A video to make you smile, on Swiss-Miss.


Roasted Orange Spice Potpourri DIY recipe at Sweet Paul

20 awesome holiday DIYs on Design Crush like this recipe for roasted spice orange potpourri at Sweet Paul.

Harry Potter fans unwrap a daily holiday surprise starting today on Pottermore.

Thumbs up to the effort from LEGO to produce an empowering new commercial for girls.

DIY holiday ornaments, 1960’s mod style.

Do you love simplicity or abundance? Food for thought from Gretchen Rubin.

Kudos to the 2014 TIME Person of the year: The Ebola Fighters. 



Handmade Japanese canvas tote at Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

Handmade wooden Christmas trees by Stacey Wong

Good news! Every day through 12/16, will be giving away 2 free orders to buyers drawn at random. Good chance to check out our Indie Shop and look for beautiful handmade scarves, jewelry, toys, accessories, home decor and more. (Here: Japanese canvas tote; handmade wooden Christmas trees.)

Update: Regretfully, the shop is no longer in operation. We hope you’ll find other cool stuff you love throughout our site.

A beautiful reason to donate your old laptop.

11 smart tips for cleaning your house before holiday entertaining.

Binge-watching TV: Okay, so it’s not just us.

Gift ideas for guys. You know you need them.

More people have shared this with us this week and we can’t help but laugh too: The Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.


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