Declutter. That’s my goal for this week, and I’m starting with my jewelry. Whenever I sort through my jewelry box to get organized, I’m always surprised at the pieces I totally forgot I own, simply because I don’t see them. So I tracked down some modern necklace storage ideas that I really love, from store-bought stands to some simple (promise) DIY jewelry storage projects, to help me get my jewelry out where I can see it. After all, it would be nice to wear more than the two necklaces I seem to be alternating between every day!


Rustic gets a modern twist with the Manzanita Wall Jewelry Branch (at top). There’s plenty of space to hang lots of necklaces and bangles, and at two-feet wide it’s sturdy enough to hold your biggest pieces. Plus, it looks like art in itself; you’d better have some really nice necklaces to display for this one!


The gorgeous Radial Jewelry Stand at Anthropologie is a great modern necklace storage idea

Jewelry stands can look like a work of art too. I’m swooning over the Radial Jewelry Stand at Anthropologie. It’s perfect place to store more delicate necklaces so they don’t get tangled up (or forgotten) among those chunkier pieces. I’ve learned that the hard way.


A simple thread organizing rack makes a smart jewelry organizer | via One Good Thing

For a really easy DIY project, check out this thread-rack-turned-necklace-organizer at One Good Thing. It’s so simple! This sewing supplies storage unit never knew it had a secret double life that’s so much more glam than storing spools of thread and you can find a thread organizer rack like this one right on Amazon, which you can prop on a tabletop or dresser, too.

If you’re feeling like you want something less rustic, grab a can of spray paint and turn yours white, metallic, or a glossy black or navy. That could be stunning.
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Modern necklace storage idea: Metallic antlers by  Lucy Haus on Etsy

This option was one of our favorites for jewelry organization last year, and we’re still loving these metallic deer antlers by Lucy Haus for modern necklace storage, this year. The metallic gold brings a modern update to a more traditional huntsman style.


Wooden Jewel Bowls by Susie Wong make for pretty jewelry storage in a drawer or countertop

I have a few plain chains and cords that I use with dozens of different charms and pendants, that need a more permanent home than coiled on my dresser top. I like the idea of storing them in pretty gilded bowls like these solid wood jewel bowls by Susie Wong that we just added to the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop this week. So gorgeous, right?


Shlomit Ofir's beautiful necklace organization solutions on Etsy

Necklace organization idea: Hanging jewelry rack by Shalom Ofir on Etsy

Shlomit Ofir’s geometric jewelry is some of my very favorite, and her Mountains Jewelry Display and the Houses Jewelry Display are topping my list of beautiful, modern necklace organization ideas. I like that even if you don’t have any necklaces to show off, or they’re all currently around your neck, this still stands on its own as a cool piece of wall art. The Etsy shop ships from Tel Aviv, but she offers free worldwide shipping for all orders. Score.


Show off your pretty jewelry by arranging it on a wall | photo by Lucky Magazine

When you find a piece of jewelry you love, you want to show it off—but don’t limit yourself to letting it shine only when it’s around your neck. This vanity space for jewelry organization featured at Lucky Magazine (how much do we love Lucky?) shows how you can turn your necklaces into artful displays of art even when you’re not wearing them. Hang them on tiny nails, removable Command Decorating Clips (the small kind, so you don’t notice them), or more permanent hat hooks, like Lucky recommends. I like the idea of hanging two nails side-by-side for your favorite statement pieces, so that you get the full effect.

Jewelry organization hacks: Save using a gorgeous chip+dip for bracelets


Alright, ladies. The gorgeous stacking jewelry box at top made from premium European walnut by Saskia Diez is a serious (and I mean, serious) splurge at 585 Euros. That’s $665 U.S. Eep. But think it’s great inspiration for getting necklaces off the wall or bangles wrangled, if you have a more minimalist bedroom.

Fear not, we have an alternative for the rest of you! If you’re on a tighter budget, consider repurposing a modern chip-and-dip bowl, like the Preston chip-and-dip bowl at Crate and Barrel, which helps you save your money for more pretty jewelry.


Dainty necklace storage DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere

I knew our friend Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere would have a beautiful and do-able DIY jewelry storage idea for necklaces that are more dainty than chunky. The idea is to create a row of tiny nails–ideally painted the same color as your wall, so they aren’t noticeable–under a picture frame. It makes for a sweet, understated way to show off your jewelry, while keeping them untangled, uncluttered, and in plain view so you can quickly find them. And actually wear them. Which solves all of my problems at once.

What to do with those bangles, earrings, and rings? We have even more jewelry storage ideas for you!