Here’s some of our favorite links we’re reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


#FashionbyMayhem, starring the cutest little girl ever, is back, this time modeling dresses from the Oscars that she helped make.

The hot fashion trend we can actually afford.

The worst children’s party games.

Cute straight men like cats too, you know.

Why moms get nothing done: Hilarious video.
(Though maybe if her husband helped it would be easier? Just a thought.)

Really liking Dove’s #speakbeautiful campaign about changing women’s body image.


Black and blue dress (or is it white and gold) debate settled via Wired

The science behind the black and blue / white and gold dress debate that blew up the Internet yesterday. Which team are you on?

LEGO weighs in on #thedress debate: Who wore it best?

And then…how various brands responded to The Dress debate on Twitter. (We vote for LEGO‘s “Who wore it best?” tweet.)

Check out Guitar Club on Indiegogo: This could be a huge, huge idea for music education. [h/t @zchamu]

Inspector Gadget is coming back!

This fourth grade class on Twitter will make your day.

Check out the Bite Size Movie trailer about raising healthier kids. Grab tissues.

Kids Stormtrooper Vans | Coolest birthday gifts from Cool Mom Picks

Have you visited our brand new Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide? Have fun browsing more than 100 cool gift ideas for kids. And psst…how cute are these Star Wars Stormtrooper Vans?

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