Here are some of the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Instagram tattoos!

9 parent bloggers to watch in 2015 from Time Out NY. Honored that Cool Mom Picks is included!

Another vote for Amazon Mom to become Amazon Family in honor of a really special dad. If you agree, share your thoughts on social media using #AmazonFamilyUS

Great tips for freeing up space on your phone or tablet.

Siblings as soulmates. Aw.

Do you have trouble saying no? This is a must-read. (Don’t say no!)

Watch with your kids: How one Philly pizza shop is changing the world, a slice at a time.


Framing photo booth strips: DIY at Design Mom

Love this idea on Design Mom: Framing photo boot strips. (And a nice discount code on the frames, too.)

Restavak Freedom is a new-to-us org advocating for kids who really need it.

Cookie Monster unboxes…a lunch box, of course.

How to keep the soap taste out of your kids’ Thermoses.

Good news about school lunch (for a change).

Here’s to brands building positivity with their ad campaigns.

Hilarious warning labels for parents via Pop Sugar

This list of warning signs for parents are cracking us up! (photo: @astonsfar)

So happy to see the Baby Buggy Fatherhood Initiative getting so many cool celebrity dads involved!

Undiscovered Pinterest board of the week: Argentinian user Ver@ has exquisite taste, and her Kids Board is a new favorite.

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