Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Piedaho: Part of the awesome Foodnited States series by Foodiggity on Instagram

Dying over this Foodnited States series. [via bored panda]

Travel plans? The statistical geniuses at fivethirtyeight launch a tool to predict flight delays.

Analysis of the Apple Watch and New Macbook just for parents.

A new way to bring your baby to work.

Dad blogging in 1925.

Great life tips.

Explaining blogging to five-year-olds. Ha.

Scary: Must-read letter from top teachers if you live in New York State. Or have a kid in public schools.

Hey parents: Stop calling 911 on other parents.


DC comics draws a girl superhero for an 11 year old who asked for more. Yes!

A girl demands more female superheroes from DC comics, so they draw her one. [thanks jeannine!]

A crafting community family weekend. Pretty cool.

One hot handbag that’s more than a handbag.

New bingewatching reco: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Undiscovered Pinterest board of the week: We love Rebecca Reynolds Baker‘s quirky-fun sensibility all over her kids’ board for her son Max.



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