Ever since I saw these amazing kiss necklaces at the Architectural Digest Home Show a few weeks ago, I can’t get them out of my head. They’re really wearable art, and I still still can’t believe I had the willpower to not grab one when I saw her at the show. Fortunately I found I can grab them online.

Hand-cast by Los Angeles artist Elyse Graham, each bold, modern piece is made from colorful shades of urethane, which has a light, resin-like feel to it. Definitely more substantial than plastic, and with beautiful chains to match. But if you’re like me and happen to be obsessed with metallics, she’s got both gold and rose gold lip necklaces which are a little more sophisticated than the punchy neon colors, and still make quite a statement.


Elyse Graham kiss necklace in red

Elyse Graham kiss necklace in rose gold


As someone who sticks to fairly basic staples when it comes to my spring and summer wardrobe (hello, white tee and jeans uniform), I love the idea of adding a fun accessory to turn up the style a huge notch. And, if you’re gift shopping — Mother’s Day anyone?  it’s the perfect way to say I Love You to someone special who’s into love, and into jewelry, but not so into hearts. Raising my hand.

You can purchase Elyse Graham’s XO Kiss necklaces at UNIT. and at Elephant Heart where you can get an instant 10% off for signing up or just sharing their link on social media. 

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