Here are the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Have you checked out our 2015 Mother’s Day gift guide? Go!

Custom wine labels for new moms, ha.

Check out our Instagram every Thursday for #ThrowbackPicks – you might not believe this week’s pick was ever a “small” struggling little business.

We’re supporting March for Maddie tomorrow, Heather and Mike Spohr’s March of Dimes Walk in honor of their beautiful daughter they lost 7 years ago.

How to deal with over-opinionated mom friends. Know a few of those?

One more reason to love Robert Downey Jr.

Why yes, we are happy that Sandra Bullock is People’s Most Beautiful Person at 50. Even if we’re not big on “most beautiful” contests in the first place, Kristen explains why this win is important.



Harry Pottery nursery ideas: Lumos Nox switchplate on Etsy

Harry Pottery nursery ideas
. We can’t resist! (photo: The Gypsy Satchel on Etsy)

2015 Pulitzer Prize winners announced. Great writing lives.

A Full House rap. No, really.

The Little Prince animated film is coming!

On Cool Mom Tech: Cool geeky jewelry ideas for tech-loving moms

Was one mom’s Instagram account pulled for showing a stretchmark photo?

Finishing the Boston Marathon at 34 weeks pregnant. (Uh, no. Not any of us.)

Now that’s our kind of alphabet book.


Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff: Great satire about contemporary motherhood

Reading now: Kamy Wicoff’s Wishful Thinking, a terrific satire about contemporary motherhood.

Undiscovered Pinterest board of the week: Lisa Monty has lots of great ideas for Kid Snacks, should you be burning out on apples and granola bars.

Tomorrow morning, catch Cool Mom Picks on Kids Place Live as Kristen and Liz get to take over Absolutely Mindy for an hour-long Mother’s Day gift special. Channel 78 on Sirius/XM. Fun!

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