When I saw these Wonder Woman cuffs (excuse me…Wonder Woman inspired cuffs) from artist Jacq Jones, I added them to my wish list faster than you can spin around three times and find yourself wearing a sexy strapless leotard and red vinyl go-go boots.

By the artist’s own admission they are a little costumey, so I wouldn’t wear both at once. But I love the idea of grabbing one for yourself and giving one to a great friend. Like a new interpretation of a friendship bracelet. Only it won’t fall apart after 6 weeks of swim lessons at summer camp.

Or hey, they’d be pretty awesome for Mother’s Day, or for a super-grad in your life too.

Wonder Woman cuff bracelet pair by Jacq Jones

The star is imprinted on a solid,  brushed matte finish cuff, so this is no cheap Halloween costume accessory. In fact, I think they just make a cool statement any day at all, whether or not the world realizes that behind your mild-manner appearance, you’re channeling Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Find the Wonder Woman cuffs by Jacq Jones at CustomMade.com