Here are the links we’re reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Do you like food? Do you have kids who eat food? Check out Cool Mom Eats! (And yes, we’re biased.)

Over Goodnight Moon? Try Goodnight Westeros. [via Fatherly]

Must-bookmark site for anyone with LEGO bricks in the house. Especially ones that don’t seem to go with anything.

We love the new strong girl campaign from Check out all the amazing women and girls sharing their #strengthie on social media!

Modern Baby Changing Table by Charlie Crane

Whoa, now that’s a changing table!

We need more professors like this. Heck, we need more people like this.

A surprising, but surprisingly cool new site for fashion finds.

Share your #strengthie on social media to help support the ONE campaign.

Thanks to Postpartum Progress for creating a smart new mom checklist for maternal mental health.


Awesome illustrations meet real world objects | Kristian Mensa Instagram photos

A photo series on Instagram to make you smile. [via mashable]

New parenting term: Excusplanation. We’re using that.

Best analysis of the baby born mid-flight from Canada to Tokyo. Wow.

Intrigued by the new Bravo sitcom Odd Mom Out.

Maybe if we’re lucky, we will all get this for Mother’s Day next year. But probably not.

Undiscovered Pinterest Board of the Week: Lots of cool ideas for kids’ summer parties from Katie Thomas.

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