I always feel so grateful to those amazingly talented illustrators and graphic designers who create free printables that we get to share with you. We’ve found so many cool ones over the years. But the one I’m really excited to have discovered are the custom illustrated portraits of your child from designer Susie Ostrowski of The Little Umbrella, because they’re totally 100% free. Seriously.

She happens to be the designer of some of my favorite free printable Valentines cards so I shouldn’t be surprised at her lovely, customizable selection of both boy portraits and girl portraits. There’s an impressive diversity in the looks of the kids (except, where are glasses?) and I like the fact that all the skin tones, clothing, eyes, hair color and hair styles are all so customizable, you can even plug in the exact hex color. Should your child be more of a #8acec9 fan for her t-shirts these days than the deeper #8aa7ce blue she was into last year.

I know how much these details matter to a kid.

Free custom portraits of your children, ready for download | The Little Umbrella

You can change their names of course, and even change the copy below to wish Jackson a happy birthday, celebrate Mikayla’s Chess Club win, or congratulate Simon for graduating from kindergarten. Each one is designed to print out at 5×7 making them great for birthday cards, invitations, stationery, or just little framed portraits to hang by the bed. As long as you’re not selling it, it’s all good

Since they’re free though, I think the least you can do is follow @lilumbrella on Instagram, and tag Susie in a post should you make one of these. I bet she’d love to see how her work came out.

Find free printable custom boy portraits and printable custom girl portraits as well as tons of other printables and inspiration at The Little Umbrella.