I’ve had the pleasure of meeting fashion stylist to the stars Robert Verdi a few times, and he is as fun, and sweet, and charming and wonderful as you probably think he is, if you’ve ever caught him on E! or pretty much in any fashion magazine. So when I heard he launched a new handbag label called The Great Bag Co, I was so excited. Turns out the first bag in the line has got all the style plus that surprising wink I’d expect from him — and even better, if you’re a Bezar member, they’re on sale this week.

(You can use our invitation link if you don’t have one.)

The model J bag takes a cue from the 80’s, looking it’s made from shiny plastic or rubber, in 7 fun colors for summer; but it’s actually a very 21st century recyclable material called Fashion-Flex. (Which, okay, is a kind of shiny plastic. Or “space age polymer” if you’d prefer.)

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Look closely and the bag design is like a pair of jeans, complete with a faux belt buckle and “back pockets” on the back that are just for show. (Yay for back pockets that don’t make my butt look bigger!) I also love that the structured material won’t slouch, and that at just 1.7 pounds it’s far lighter than a leather tote which can weigh in the 4-pound range especially if you factor in all that metal hardware.  Perfect for summer, right?

Also great if you don’t like the mesh or perforated styles — which I actually do like — but can show the world your tote bag business.

Great Bag Co bags by Robert Verdi come in 7 fun colors for summer

Great Bag Co bags by Robert Verdi now on sale

If you visit Bezar right now, they’re on sale for $25 off which is pretty sweet. This style is called the Model J, as opposed to the Model M on Verdi’s website. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out the difference at all. From what I can see, the difference is it costs less on Bezar. I’ll take it.

Learn more about The Great Bag Co by Robert Verdi on the website, or join Bezar using our invitation link to save $25 on your purchase while the pop-up shop is still popped up! That means about June 11.


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