Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


First, a huge thank you so much to all of you who helped make our new podcast, Spawned, #1 in iTune’s Kids and Family category this week! We’re so grateful for your feedback, your support, and your kind ratings and reviews. Subscribe to catch a new episode every Wednesday. You’ve got 20 free minutes, right?

Batkid Begins, the movie. It’s coming and we can’t wait.

This is the last week to enter our big Cool Mom Eats launch giveaway!

Also, have you entered our huge Father’s Day giveaway on all of our gift guide posts? You might want to do that, like now.

We can’t believe what baby monitors look like now.

The new Mom Spark site looks amazing! Take a peek.

Beautiful salute to stepdads, boyfriends, and other loving men who aren’t dads in our kids’ lives.
(h/t @LPP_Media)

A must-read when you’re having a rough day (or week or year) with your kid: Parenting for the Long Haul

How sweet is this lunchbox note from a dad to his graduating preschooler.

Guess what just got Liz to start cooking at home more.


Cool cat radiator! By Schema Collection

Loving this cat radiator spotted by Rachel at Handmade Charlotte.

This may be the first time we laughed at ultrasound photos. Hard. Like, snorting hard.

8 reasons you might like having kids close together from our own Kristen Chase.

Do men or women use “I” more? You might be surprised by the hidden meaning of pronouns.

Hey, turns out women understand Goodfellas after all. Go figure.

Watch: Beautiful inspiration for warrior women and survivors of PPD.

1200 free concerts around NYC on June 21. Nice!

Undiscovered Pinterest Board of the Week: Love everything from Renata Medieros, but especially Moms with Style which is filled with inspiration.


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