Here are some of our favorite thing from around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


The ultimate 4th of July recipe guide. Get cooking!

The largest LEGO American flag ever built by master builder Chris Steinenger. Whoa. (photo Steve Ruark/AP)

PS We love that LEGO is spending millions to be more eco-friendly. (via @Blurb)

A fun new fireworks app for kids. Even if they’re scared of the real thing.

Pool safety tips for kids. Important stuff if you hit the pool this weekend.

10 simple ways to create summer fun for kids.

Can our kids put the gadgets away for just a moment this summer?


Free printables and decorating ideas for a 4th of July bike parade via Martha Stewart

Fun free printables and decorating ideas for a July 4 bike parade via Martha Stewart.


The latest episodes of SPAWNED with Kristen + Liz:  Boobage (yes, that’s what you think it is) and Grownup Panties (not what you think it is). Hope we can kep you company for few moments this weekend.

Another great podcast reco: She Does, featuring interviews with amazing women in media.

Things to tell your kids before they get a first email account.

The Fund on Etsy crowdfunding platform is another way to support makers building their businesses.

If you’re losing sleep over the Ben Jen split, Kristen has a positive take.

11 parenting photos that don’t tell the whole story. Terrific point.

Maybe women apologize too much.

One beautiful, imperfect mom body.

How to teach children compassion and kindness.

On being the yes mom.


Beautiful, personal piece from Frank Bruni on the same-sex marriage ruling. Really worth a read.

Thanks to NY Family for including Cool Mom Eats among their list of Food Bloggers to Love. (We happen to love it too but you know. Bias.)

Finally, thanks to so many of you for supporting the SPAWNED podcast, and sending us the nicest ever emails, texts and tweets.  Special thanks for nice mentions from Swiss MissGeeky Mummy, The Mom Hour, and inclusion in the 12 Best Fitness Podcasts for Parents from the Family Fitness column at Not because we’re talking about fitness, but because we guess we distract you long enough at the gym that you forget you haven’t eaten a cookie for a whole 25 minutes.

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