Here’s what we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you do too!


Love what Humans of NY on Instagram is doing to document and end slave labor in Pakistan. (Photo above.) You’ll want to read every single story published in August.

Looking at PPD through the lens of diversity.

Is your family gender-biased? Maybe, without realizing it.

And then there’s our own take on removing gender-based labels from the toy aisle.
(Warning: There will be laughing.)

25 better ways to ask your kids, how was school?

Helicopter parenting doesn’t work. Fantastic piece.

How to get your kids to eat zucchini.


JOCO reusable glass coffee cups are an eco alternative to plastic

Wow, you all have some strong opinions about these reusable glass coffee cups!

TIME lists their 100 best children’s books of all time. We have to take issue with Goodnight Moon, one of the creepiest books ever, at #3 but otherwise, some great choices. What do you think?

“Relationship ADHD”: One single mom (okay, it’s Kristen) offers the truth about dating apps.

Emoji smartphone cases!

Why teenagers can be awesome.

Why Heidi Klum wins the week.

Have you checked out our back to school shopping guide yet? And entered to win a major shopping spree? Just checking. Because you should probably do both.

Pinterest board of the week that’s worth following even though it probably won’t show up in your feed anyway: Celina B’s Happy…Day board will in fact make you happy.


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