Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Shop indie + American with the best of the Martha Stewart American Made finalists including lots of our own CMP picks!

What having a baby costs in your 20s vs your 30s. Interesting.

A new website made by kids, for kids, and it happens to be great.

Awesome mashup of modern art and Alice in Wonderland.

A good excuse not to make your bed. Warning: Ew.

Choosing children’s lives over peanut butter. Must-read post.  (Tip: The comments on the HuffPost repost pretty much prove why posts like this still needs to be written.)

If you need help in that department, we’ve got your back. Here are some easy nut-free sandwich ideas, and 5 store-bought alternatives to peanut butter.

Foodiggity's Foodnited States series on Instagram.

13 food art Instagram accounts that will make you go, whoa, like this #foodnitedstates series on @foodiggity.

These characters need to be turned into dolls!

Really fun for word nerds: Why actors can’t get Boston accents right.

Gretchen Rubin on loopholes we shouldn’t use to get out of bad habits

The Politico Top 50 influencers list: Very thoughtful. And not all male. Or white.

Elizabeth Banks will direct the new Charlie’s Angels reboot! (Or, re-reboot?)

Good news for mamas: We’ve loved mom-run Belli skincare for a long time and now they’re having a big fall birthday sale through 9/27! 30% off storewide, BOGO products and more. Go forth and shop.

And if you’re in NYC, please join us next week, along with the amazing Jessica Seinfeld, for a really cool shopping event to support the charity Baby Buggy.



Am I a bad parent for skipping curriculum night? by Anna Fader of

Laughing at our friend Anna Fader‘s chart: Are you a terrible parent for skipping curriculum night? 

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