I was so in love with Kristen’s photo of her super stylish daughter on Instagram sporting some cool knee socks, and she admitted to me that her daughter stole them from her own sock drawer! That’s when I realized, this is one of those few times that a fashion trend started with kids then jumped to the adults.

It’s a fact — fun socks for women are everywhere you look, peeking out of pumps, booties, knee-boots, layered over fishnets…you name it. And I’m loving it. Especially because it’s such an affordable way to punch up your wardrobe ,and even show off your secret love for wacky patterns, modern art, bacon, or narwhals.

Here, just a few small brands I like that doing nifty things with fun socks for women. Oh, and most of them make kids’ socks too. So moms like Kristen can get their daughters their own pairs, and keep them out of our own sock drawers, already.

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Woven Pear

Woven Pear: Fun socks for women in patterns like pineapples and mix tapes

There are so many bright, colorful, fun socks at this shop, I almost want to call them optimistic. There’s nothing ironic here; just cute calf-high socks that will look too cute poking out of the chunky ankle boots I’m seeing all over the streets this fall. Some of the bright colors and neons feel a little spring/summer for me (though I’ve got that black-all-the-time NYC bias thing), but the company has recently added some fun new additions that change things up. Check out the mix tape print, the black and white chevron with an aqua accent, and some seriously awesome zebras.


Chatty Feet

Chatty Feet's Andy Warhol socks for women. Fun!

Chatty Feet artist collection of socks featuring Warhol, Picasso, Kahlo and Van Gogh (Well, Van Toe)

Chatty Feet makes fun socks for women + kids with a British wink

I can never resist a good pun., which is why I automatically had to love a company that offers an artist collection of socks featuring characters like Andy Sock-Hole, Feetasso, Frida Callus and Vincent Van Toe. But if modern artists aren’t your thing,  there’s a whole collection of fun made-up characters with a decidedly cheeky UK sensibility, like my favorite, the bespectacled “Sandy.” One thing I love about their styles is that it’s business on the top, party on the bottom. So no one knows you’ve got something fun hiding under your boots until you visit your friend with the no-shoes-in-the-house policy.

Chatty Feet: Adorable socks for kids and babies featuring the most awesome creatures

There’s also a collection of fun kids’ socks from 12 months through about age 7, some of which will be perfect for Halloween. The company was kind enough to send some to my kids a while back, and not only are they comfy, they looks amazing, even after a whole lot of spins through the washer. And if you lose one? Eh, I like that they don’t have to match at all. Just know they ship from England so you’ll need about a week for your new friends to make it home to you.


Mitscoots Socks

Mitscoots makes fun sock for adults that also donate one to a person in need

Mitscoots makes fun socks for women, men and kids |They donate one to a person in need for every purchase

We are all big fans of this company, which launched with an inspiring mission to donate socks for every purchase made. They go to those in need, both here and abroad, and more than that, they employ people transitioning out of homelessness to help with the production. So great.

The designs are not quite as wacky, per se, as some other options here, but offer more of a sophisticated kind of fun with colorful houndstooth prints, checks, spots and stripes. There are lots of mens’ socks too, and they just added a small striped collection for kids and babies.

You can score 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter — but be warned, I’ve ordered from them (they make fantastic holiday gifts) and the company will email you. A lot.


Sock it To Me Socks

Space Kitten socks from Sock it To Me

Sock it To Me: Fun socks for women in pop culture themes like ninjas, donuts, and a fancy kitty cameo

A few years ago, we discovered this really fun sock company which stole my heart with their ninja print socks. Not only are they still going strong, but wow have they added some great patterns since I last checked out the webshop! Between the mustaches, STEM themes, sloths, woodland creatures of various types, anthropomorphic donuts, rainbows and unicorns, they pretty much have a lock on kitschy pop culture motifs.

Oh wait…it’s not just a unicorn. It’s a unicorn versus a narwhal. Even better.

Narwhal vs Unicorn socks! Awesome find from Sock it To Me

I happen to like the knee-socks for women which look fun poking out from high boots, but they also make some great over-the-knee socks as well as crew and ankle styles which as you can see, you can even rock with heels these days. Also, more fun puns. The Einstein socks are called “Relatively Cool.” Win!


Gumball Poodle Socks

Gumball Poodle socks let you proclaim your love for bacon, coffee, donuts, vino, and even kale

Bacon Gumball candy socks

A lot of this edgy company’s styles are far too cool for the likes of me (I am not going to be wearing socks that say TWERK on them any time soon) but there are some really fantastic designs at this shop that’s been putting out “statement socks” since 2008 in the style of retro 70’s high athletic socks. The food socks in particular are super fun, whether you’re proclaiming your love for coffee, donuts, bacon, or even  kale. Come to think of it, the pickles socks would be an awesome baby shower gift. If only they had a matching one that said ice cream.