Though I feel like it was just summer, my kids’ thoughts have turned to costumes, candy, and creating Halloween crafts to decorate our house before trick-or-treaters arrive. It’s scary how quickly Halloween is coming, and I am probably not alone in needing a little help finding easy Halloween crafts that will appeal to my kids of different ages and abilities.

So I’m thankful that CMP favorite Kiwi Crate has created new Halloween-themed craft crates for kids that appeal to several different ages, from preschoolers with Koala Crate, to older kids with Tinker Crate or Doodle Crate.

Along with the original Kiwi Crate Halloween Lights crate that we featured back in 2013, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something cool to do, whatever the age of your kids. That is, something cooler than playing, Let’s Find Where Mom Hid the Candy.

Koala Crate's Halloween Pumpkin Light craft for kids

For preschoolers, Koala Crate’s Glowing Pumpkin craft is a super-simple way for little ones to make a light-up pumpkin to wear while trick-or-treating, or maybe just to hang in their room at night. For a different kind of light-up activity, crafty kids ages 9+ should check out Doodle Crate’s cool Halloween Candles craft which will have them making their own layered candles from scratch.

Liz got a look at these a few months ago and says they’re very cute — though I’d say you’ll want to be there to supervise. Especially for the lighting of the candles part.

I bet my son would love Tinker Crate’s Motion Sensing Spider Halloween craft kit which will drop down on unsuspecting visitors when they come through the door. I wonder how many times I’d scream before I remembered it was there.

Go ahead, make fun of me.


Doodle Crate Halloween Candles craft for kids

Kiwi Crate's new Halloween craft kits for kids include a Tinker Crate to blend STEM and spiders

Since all of Kiwi Crate’s craft kits for kids are always “soup to nuts,” I always appreciate that you can just hand them over without having to search the house for craft supplies first. Leaving me more time to figure out how to make the obscure character costumes they’re begging to wear on Halloween this year.

Check out Kiwi Crate’s new Halloween Craft Kits for Kids. And, if you are already thinking about the next holiday, don’t miss their two turkey-themed Thanksgiving crates which should keep the kids’ table plenty busy.

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