Here are some links we’re reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Awesome Halloween costumes from kids that defy gender norms. (Well, mostly girls but a few very cool boys, too.)

We are so inspired by 31 days, 31 girls, 31 hopes for the future on (scroll down)

Lots of great reads on the Forbes Most Powerful Women Summit page.

Love this post about kindergarteners trying to do a simple classroom assignment about family. The last line is the best part.

What do you need to teach your kids about email that you probably haven’t considered?

Stop rubbernecking on the playground…childhood is not a race.” Smart post from Jess Lahey.

Alice Walker: A great lesson learned from her father.

How to put on a sports bra: Hilarity from Anna Lefler on McSweeney’s.

Happy 10th anniversary to our friends at Rookie Moms! Love these sweet tributes from some of our favorite bloggers.

Allergy free DIY Candy Bracelets make a fun and safe Halloween party recipe | Fork and Beans

A fantastic list of allergy-free Halloween treat recipes at Cool Mom Eats, including these DIY Candy Bracelets at Fork and Beans.

Love all these creative sibling Halloween costume ideas: Can you pick a favorite?

No carve pumpkin ideas that are actually easy for kids and still look terrific.

Laughing at this Star Wars shower head. We’re not the only ones who want it, we hope.

The table that charges your phone. Whoa.

What did Back to the Future get right about 2015? Fun Toyota ad reuniting Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.




Millennial parenting: Is social media creating more judgment of parents, or just more fear of it?

Time’s cover story: Help, my parents are Millennials! Funny and insightful, or more linkbait generalizations? We’ll let you decide.

Time does include this interesting infographic about Millennial parents vs other parents. Is social media creating more judgment of how we raise our kids? Or just more fear of it?




If you’re in NYC, get tickets to Danai Gurira’s amazing new play, Eclipsed. Liz had the opportunity to meet her and hear an early reading of an excerpt and it is an absolutely astounding and important play. Plus, she’s super cool.

The Taste of the Seaport family friendly event Saturday helps support local public schools. Enjoy these gorgeous fall weekends!

If you are coming to the city, make an effort to see the Picasso Sculpture exhibit at MoMA. It’s amazing, and very kid friendly.


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