Here are some links we’ve liked around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


In honor of the Peanuts Movie launch this weekend, 12 amazing ideas for a Peanuts themed party.

Also, laughing so hard at This Charming Charlie tumblr, a mashup of Peanuts strips and Morrissey lyrics.

Still trying to get rid of leftover Halloween candy? We have 9 smart options for you.

Worried about processed meats: Here’s a smart guide to choosing better bacon.

3 things never to say to your kids: Do you agree?

30 empowering books for girls at Timbuktu blog

Nice list of 30 empowering books for girls including some favorites, and some new to us.

How Daria (and Jodie) shaped a generation of women.

The beauty and importance of public libraries.

Laughing at these New York Lottery ads.

Why we are so invested in getting more girls interested in science.

Sprout Free family movie nights. Check out the schedule: It’s good!


NYT winners: The best parenting advice in 6 words.

Must watch: How 6 photographers shoot the same subject, with a big twist. (via swiss miss)

Generation Catalano: Not Millenials, not Gen X (via design mom)

Starting to think holiday entertaining? Here’s a wonderfully festive mocktail recipe for your pregnant or non-imbibing guests.

A new little (very little) holiday tech gift we’re all coveting, big time.



IKEA selling a line of children-designed dolls for charity and they're wonderful

Children design IKEA dolls to support children’s charities and the winners are fantastic! If your kids want to enter to be considered for the next round of dolls, here are the details. Do it by November 15!

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