Here are a few of our favorite links from around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


The perfect funny wine bottle tags to get you through Thanksgiving.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping with our brand new 2015 holiday gift guide.

Or just focus on next week now with some awesome Thankgiving crafts for the kids.

Mmm…secrets for making the best Thanksgiving gravy.

Really cool Hanukkah craft for kids on this craft blog.

How tech is making it easier to send holiday cards.

Fun stories of celebrities in restaurants. Go Kevin Smith!

Best gift ever? At least if you like beer.

How do we raise our kids in a beauty-obsessed world?

When you’re down catching up on Spawned, check out The Message podcast. No wonder it’s #2 on iTunes right now!

Smiling at these creative t-shirt designs.


What kids want to be when they grow up, via Fatherly

Fun study on what kids want to be when they grow up. (Our favorite answers on the post are split between “kitty cat” and “gold miner.”)

Lady Gaga on saying no. Good reminder. (ht swiss-miss)

Shonda Rhimes on saying yes. Also a good reminder.





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