Here are some of the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Fantastic TV and movie inspired gingerbread houses including this amazing Game of Thrones gingerbread house. Mmm…Westeros.

Possibly the most insane gingerbread house of them all — because it’s life size!

Creative eggnog drink recipes. Yes, please.

Cute Hanukkah craft to get you through the final nights.

Awesome emoji gifts!

Bad dad jokes for the holidays. Ha.

17 cool tech gifts under $25

Speaking of which, have you entered to win a free iPad Air + designer case from the Cool Mom Tech holiday gift guide? It’s worth more than $25.

Or entered to win a $2000 cash shopping spree from the Cool Mom Picks holiday gift guide?Also worth more than $25. (You might have guessed.)


The year in review newsletter, according to children. Fascinating and wonderful

The year in review according to children
. Love this.

Research on ways video games are really good for kids.

Love this month’s guest curator, Luvvie Ajayi and her fantastic non-profit organization supporting women.

Maybe sharing or tweeting about causes you care about isn’t “slacktivism” after all. (via Next Draft)

6 books to help teach children about manners.

A very cool non-profit supporting veterans with help from Hollywood.

The 2016 Golden Globes nominations. Fire up the Netflix, time to catch up.

The NYT critics pick their best movies of the year. Raise your hands if you’ve only seen the animated one!

What Generation Z would rather be called.


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