Here are lots of links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


An adorable museum made up of children’s imaginary friends.

This is a great weekend to get busy with Valentine’s crafts and DIY projects and we can help.

All the Super Bowl commercials in one place. If you are meh on the game.

Or if you watch for the food, a round-up of amazing game day nacho recipes.

First graders cycling at their school desks?

This might be our kids’ dream room.

What is it like to raise a superhero? So cool! (h/t Kelly Wickham)

So good: 28 Black picture books that aren’t about boycotts, buses or basketball.

Great response to the CDC’s ridiculous victim-blaming new recommendations about women and alcohol.


Muppets sing their theme song acapella on YouTube

Must watch: The Muppets go acapella with the original theme song.

A kids’ music compilation for Valentine’s Day worth a listen.

Tips for preventing hacking of your webcams and baby monitors.

Advice from the couple behind the Frozen soundtrack: how to work with your spouse without killing each other.

How smart do you have to be to be a parent?

What if male scientists were written about like female scientists?

The sorority girl video that went viral: Some parents did a great job with this young woman!

An essay about lifting other women other up that might change some minds about some things.

Soccer star Abby Wambach gets her own Barbie.


Artist Andrew Tarrusov's classic Disney posters reimagined in the style of Tim Burton

Disney classics in Tim Burton’s style are creepily awesome. (Parent note: This illustrator usually does pinups if you plan on clicking around.)

Should babysitters be expected to clean up too?

Yaaaaaas, it’s true: Your kids’ slang could be here to stay.

See what’s in the maternity bags of mothers around the world.

Intrigued by this new novel about a single dad that’s getting nice reviews.

Brooklyn parenting humor: The first rule of Flight Club is you must live in Park Slope.

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