Here are lots of links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Get ready for the 14th! We have tons of Valentine’s Day printable cards and over 120 easy Valentine’s Day recipes, drinks and last-minute DIY treats you’re going to love. (Top photo: Candy Arrows DIY at A Subtle Revelry)

If you still need a gift, check out our last-minute Valentine’s gift ideas for your sweetheart.

Fun Valentine’s Day lunch recipes on Cool Mom Eats.

Amazing Kickstarter worth checking out: A college degree for $1000, and it’s legit. (See the comments for lots of good Q+A.)

We are in great company in this TV segment about the best parenting websites for new moms that aired on Atl & Co.

Check out our new weekly column on Cool Mom Tech: Free app download of the week. Yay!

Three cheers for this 11 year old and her 1000 black girls book drive.


Incredible paper cuts by Parth Kothekar | My Modern Met

These incredible illustrations are from cut paper. Whoa.

Winning childbirth photos from professional birth photographers. We can almost feel the contractions.

Too cool: A LEGO machine that folds and flies its own paper airplanes.

Can’t get out for Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 great date night ideas that don’t require a babysitter.

Nice portrait of a top female CEO who is also a big friend of our site.

Why dads with sons should care about girls’ issues.

What romance really means after 10 years of marriage.

American Ballet Theater’s Misty Copeland recreates Edgar Degas artwork and it’s stunning.


Modest Barbie on Instagram by @hijarbie via Good

Barbie gets a modest makeover.

Ouch: How movie scripts introduce female characters in depressing, sexist ways.

Will the Zika virus cause athletes to drop out of the summer Olympic games?

You’ll never be able to let it go: Frozen is coming to Broadway.

J.K. Rowling announces an eighth Harry Potter book.

Happy to see these new special needs shopping carts will be going nationwide at Target.

Old doll factory photos featured on Mashable

Old photos taken in doll factories are creepy-cool.

Cute and quick: Washi tape birthday cards that you can DIY.

While, like everyone in the world, we we can’t stop watching Beyonce’s Formation Video — you’ve also got to see this amazingly cool music video you’ll want to see over and over again just to figure it out. Show the kids!

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